In this episode, I layout the differences between a Systems Admin & Network Admin. It’s whiteboard time! Grab a copy of my resource guide: …



  1. If you work on more than just the network, and are called an network administrator, the company either does not know any better (thinks everything is "the network")….or wouldn't' want you to see the pay scale for Sys Admin.

  2. That's not a router , There's a difference a router routes data out and hub split connections from devices connected directly , without collision detection considered a dumb splitter , as where as the switch learns the ports of the devices with collision detection , only sending data to the learned ports

  3. can I ask you sir? what if you're a fresh graduate in IT and you had a cisco certificate then you apply for a job and get hired what's the possible position you will be in? will they put you in network administrator position?

  4. Hey man, appreciate the videos A LOT! Very helpful as well as your
    resource guide. Just curious but what is your current job now, if it is appropriate for me to ask? I will be continuing my education soon and have no idea what career I should follow in the IT field. Maybe Network admin or System admin – I dunno. Also when comparing a Network admin and System admin which one do you think seems more stressful, has more work on their hands, and the difference in salary wages between the two? Thanks again for taking the time and hard work in uploading and making videos.


    (I may have repeated this comment multiple times to you, sorry about that!)

  5. Hi, thank you very much for this video. The was very clear. This is the first time I'm making comment in your video.
    I got some question now. I'm planning to prepare myself for either system or network admin. I'm actually having dilemma to choose between this two. Could you please advise me how I can prepare myself? If I wanna be network admin, how can I prepare myself? Is it good idea to study for comptia A+ and get that certification? And if I wanna be system admin, how I can prepare myself? Please advise me. I'll be so grateful to you.

  6. Hi William, I have been watching your videos for a little over a year now and they have been helpful and insightful. I'm going to be completing a certification in computer networking in the spring of next year and would ultimately like to become a systems admin. Would a desktop support role be the best career path to choose in order to achieve that goal?

  7. I'd also like to add that in some organizations, if they're big enough, will separate the systems administrators by their primary job functions. For example, in addition to having, say, Windows admins, Linux admins, and maybe z/OS admins, they may also have IIS, Apache, and Exchange admins. Or they may have systems administrators who focus on JUST the operating systems, and applications administrators (sometimes called "Middle Tier Administrators") which focus JUST on the applications running on the the servers.

  8. Hi. Thank you for the video liked it! but I have a question, like you said there are some people doking the same stuff at once. If that's the case what did you call them? Network Admin or System Admin? or IT Admin? Thanks.

  9. And I do understand the job market has most people wearing both hats, but I feel like in a perfect world I'd lean more towards Network Admin being that it seems more focused on the core support connections of an companies set-up vs dealing with the client software, applications, and personal troubleshooting stuff… Correct me if I don't have the proper understanding or if my expectations are unrealistic for that matter lol

  10. Wow this was so much help! I definitely had the Cisco CCNA routing and switching in my crosshairs. From my understanding of this video if I want to be more behind the scenes keeping everything connected I'd lean towards Network Admin and if I want to interact more with the company, software, email, Windows updates, application support I'd do Systems Admin?

  11. Great video and detail. Can you do one explaining System Engineer vs Network Engineer and the difference in pay between the two? I see alot of questions surrounding those two.


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