This week on the GCN show we take a look at exactly how Philippe Gilbert won the most prestigious one day classic in cycling: Paris-Roubaix. We’ve also got …



  1. Apparently Kristoff rode tubeless (already from the beginning of the season), but had 3 punctures. Maybe the Specialized teams had a better tubeless setup? Or maybe they had some Cush Core?

  2. Caption:“When you have eaten chillis pre ride and you are not allowed to go to the toilet after the race because you finished on the damn podium“

  3. Something off topic. As much as I enjoy GCN Shows and video's, when the name 'Wiggle' is mentioned I get angry! They have ripped me off big time by taking my money, not delivering a KTM chain and a 'Continental' tyre and when I was repeatedly asking qustions about my paid merchandise I received no reply. After I realised that they had no intentions to address my issue, let alone giving me a refund, I gave them a final verbal e mail treatment that I hope they are not forgetting in a hurry. They are the kind of nightmare traders GCN had a topic on show not all that long ago. Good Luck with Your sponsor! Rant over!

  4. 1st Brexit has happened as of 3-29-19 @ 11:00pm by law. 2nd not that any roady will admit borrowing from the mtb discipline, but if the trend continues there won't be any proper road bikes in the future. There will only be lightweigjt aero gravel bikes with several wheel and tire choices

  5. Christy Walton, one of the heirs of Wal-Mart, was once married to a rival I used to race against in Florida: Carl Sundquist. He was an Olympic athlete on the track; FYI. He won the Florida State Time Trial Championships the year before I did. I used to see her with him at some events in Florida as well. So… this might be part of the reason. I'm not certain they are still married, but they might be.

  6. Phillipe Gilbert claimed his quads were burning after that final sprint. Unfortunately the officials didn't take him seriously.

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