Subscribe Here: During production of Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, directors Colin & Greg Strause pitched a third film in the AVP franchise …


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I think some people need to consider WHY AVP 2 failed… It came during the middle of the writer's guild strike. It's why you had 2 guys who were known for special effects directing instead of delivering the visuals they made a name for. All in all the film was not as bad as it was made out to be. Yes, we all know the lighting could have been better. But here's a fact…. I've been in a city wide blackout before, it's dark as shit and you cant see. Ever gone down into a sewer system either? There arent… Read more »

Marvin Rodriguez

I loved AVP 1 & 2
also Predator rules
& I hope Alien vs Predator 3 happens

Joshua Farrington

They should do a reboot of AVP so it's canon

Joe Curr

All I am asking for is an Aliens 2…that feels like Aliens 2….until then I will not pay to watch your movie, when I can see them for free…and before everyone else does…XD?

jasir lipscomb

Predalien was cool and wolf predator had two plasma guns, a whip, and mines

Lewis Fader

You sound really sick dude. Please make sure we got updates no matter what happens.

Joshua Nunez

that would been way better than avp 2 LoL

Jamal Dolley

Nah Im not glad Scott is working on the prequels….

King Kull

AvP was always just stupid fanfiction, the universes are separate and you should get over it. Silly obsessions like this is why nerds, geeks and fanboys deserve every scorn, insult and bullying in their school years.


Oh lord, can you imagine how HORRIBLE looking that proposed sequel would've been?? Requiem took place on Earth and had plenty of day scenes and it was still impossible to see anything. Now imagine that same directing and cinematography set mostly in space and on Predator ships. Ugh!

Carl Lindsey

These directors and producers need to get their head out of their ass.  Every time a good idea comes up they fuck it up.

Waldemar Perez Jr

Yes, I wanted to see that AVP & AVP:R plots were boring but the concepts in them were interesting and I always want to more. The reason I liked Cameron's Avatar.
Now Scott just wants to rewrite Aliens and shoehorn his Transhumanism agenda into it. which totally ruins it.


Instead of making movies just make a anime

Sir AlexanderTheGreat

My idea for AVP 3 is to have the war in the future and in space and other planets and also have the engineers in this AVP sequel, I do agree with the humans having the technology because someone took a predator gun and later transition to having spaceships and off world bases, and also have the movie more centered on the xenomorphs, neomorphs, yautjas, and the engineers than on the humans, and maybe also have the protagonist learn the engineers language and the yautjas language while he is learning about mankind's origins and have the alien king in this… Read more »


This is pretty click baity


enough of the reboots! we want the future scenes!

Nero Saber

I myself was looking forward to seeing 20 prayers going up against a hive of aliens that would have been amazing and the fact that they were going to introduce a king alien that is 20 times better who knows maybe things will change in the future but who knows.


avp2 makes avp1 look like high brow film.

Jonathan Keeler

Would've been better then all these shitty Prequels

richard broomfield

if that was the idea it makes the 2010 AVP game a kind of prelude to that film as the end of that was the whole set up to WY discovering and the predators re-discovering. a movie would be great but I'd love a new AVP game and they could follow on from that game still

Charlie Peake

you say Scott is messing with the timeline , well if this AVP3 was set in the future but before Alien how would that not mess with original lore ? what aload of shit mate


The comic books, the video games are not cannon. Ridley Scott is not making any changes.


i really want them to reintroduce predators in the alien universe.

Jason Young

the whole concept sounds pretty cool n also really liked how they were going to try n meet up with the alien time line

Eric 111687

We need James Cameron to write, direct, and produce the next Alien/Predator or AvP film.

Luis Lugo

u tell me boys!!!!! prometheus and covenant there were the most shit movies ever made in alien saga!!!…and i bet that the AVP ist gona save the day!!! No more homo bald aliens!!!!!

Wiley Cat

fuck these lgbt tranny faggot haters i want aleins 5 and avp 3


"some other guy" xD

Christian Manka

I enjoyed both AVP films. I wish this had happened. It would have been amazing.