This Cloud Computing tutorial will help you understand why Cloud Computing has become so popular, what is Cloud Computing, types of Cloud Computing, …



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  2. WOW! This is GREAT! Using these videos in our training in our organisation "on point"…. I am sure you dont mind us sharing…

  3. I really enjoyed this video but I have one question. What do you recommend would be the starting point of learning for an absolute beginner so to get into the field of cloud computing? Are there any prerequisites that you would recommend prior or you can just drive straight into it? Thanks in advance!

  4. I have a doubt that, where exactly we store data in the cloud?? Don't we need any hardware like Data center?? Please clarify

  5. Thank you, for a nice video tutorial. You made it easily understandable, and keep my attention on video from beginning to the end.

  6. I don't know if this will help anyone but I make Q&A lessons for my students using this video:
    What’s the “opposite” of cloud?

    What is the most attractive pro for cloud computing you see here?

    What is the worst part of having on-prem?

    What is on-demand computing resources?

    What are the two models?

    What type of cloud do federal agencies like?

    Describe the scenarios in which you might need a IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.

    -On premises

    -Any answer around finance, no server space, no experts (hardware/software), security or disaster recovery will do. 2nd slide shows high flexibility, automatic updates, data access anywhere

    -Anything that is the opposite of the above benefits will work.

    -That is what the “cloud” is a reference to.

    -Deployment vs service model

    -Hybrid b/c priv for sensitive info but public to share datasets.

    -IaaS if you need VMs, PaaS if you’re building software, SaaS if you don’t want to maining IT equipment.


    -private cloud cost huge

    -public cloud major players: VMware, AWS, IBM

    -hybrid cloud is best of both public and priv

    -Iaas: EC2, Azure, GoGrid

    -SaaS (you don’t maintain anything) email like gmail, google docs, microsoft excel etc well these are the productions: Office365 and GoogleApps is the SaaS.

    -PaaS: Azure (again), EBS, Google App Engine

    -deployment model is all about pub, priv, and hybrid clouds so it’s all about where the resources are and why they are located there.

    -service model is all about the aaS

    -I really like the cake example: on-prem = made at home, IaaS= buy & bake, PaaS = cake delivery, SaaS =Dine out

  7. The video is really good.But I have a have mentioned about DC in deployment model..Can you please explain on the same?

  8. sir, is it correct to say vendor provides dining table ,oven ,cake pan in the IaaS while we buy ingredients like flour and eggs ?instead of buyer managed ,referring the example of analogy of making cake ,

  9. Hello Sir..great explanation..but just wanted to know..if your playlist is sufficient to learn cloud computing..and if not..please suggest what after this..should we join some certification course..if yes..then please suggest some..thanks in advance..

  10. Hi! i have a small doubt, if the data is stored on internet then it makes easy for hackers to steal the data. In that case local DZ is better than cloud computing. What's your answer

  11. This is a great work sir, I want to know more about cloud computing and the role it can play to accounting profession (

  12. in thew beginning i face so many difficulties to learn the Cloud computing through this video but when i again and again watch this video then i learn so many things. thank you @Simplilearn Team

  13. All of it was really impressive but how can we relly on them as far as the security is concerned because all we need nowadays is to hide our ass from hackers and that wasn't much defined i think..

  14. I'm looking for advice please…I'm thinking about changing my career to I.T (I currently work in property) and thought it might be best to go back to college to study, so I can see whether I can fully understand and enjoy the subject first etc. What do you suggest I should learn first, i need to understand I.T basics (a friend of mine told me to try and study AWS first, but I think it is too advanced, I think I need to start at a level lower)?

  15. Really helped me understand the concept of cloud computing thank you very much, I'll use some theses info in my research too. Again man thanks a lot !!

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