In this course you will learn the most basic of Information technology. No matter you are complete beginner or want to be IT professional, then this IT fundamental …



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  2. Hisexplanations are clear and pronunciation comprehensible even for the ones that are not from an anglophone country as me.
    Only negative note: we're really tired of this "more inclusiveness in IT, respect wheman, more blac people everywhere" politically correct bullshits. It is like mustard for you US folks. You have to put it everywhere. Can't you just make an IT educational video without SJW useless stuff?

  3. This is so amazing. I could guarantee that this is the better way to introduce someone to IT from scratch than what is usually taught in most universities.

  4. by the way fyi the keys on a keyboard are the order they are because when the typewriter was invented to make it seem easy to use the word (typewriter) is all in the first line to make it easy and fast to spell it for demonstrating its ease to consumers.

  5. Prime example of tech's keeping things difficult and everyone confused…32:07 the light bulbs are on when the switch is off, and off when the switch is on, thus completely backwards of how things actually work

  6. 16:10

    Some really good information! Well presented! However, there is a slight error in historical fact presented; the enigma was invented by Arthur Scherbius (a German engineer) not Alan Turing, and the enigma was used by the Axis instead of the Allies.

    The Allies used a computer called Colossus to crack the German enigma. Colossus, along with help from Alan Turing and other mathematicians and cryptographers in helping the Allied cryptographers with the timely deciphering of German code. It was like having a ringside seat at Hitler’s conference table for the Allied tacticians.
    Without Colossus, D-Day may have never happened.

    For those interested:

  7. This fella was born to teach!! Audio book voice, voice overs. I can understand every thing he says. Super clear speech.

  8. 16 minutes in. Allan Turring did not invent the enigma. Enigma was the machine that the Germans used to encode and decode messages. The machine that he invented was used to break the Enigma code.

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  10. The Enigma machine was invented by Dr. Arthur Scherbius, not Alan Turing. Alan Turing worked on decrypting information encrypted by the Enigma Machine.

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  12. Thank you for uploading this. I spent some decent cash learning at a snail's pace. This course is so explanatory.

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