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  1. thanks Dennis for your videos..they are incredibly helpful. I've just started with this and i have a the following conundrum for a client whom I want to help with their GMB listings. They have 2 x GMB listings, one in a suburb in an area collectively called the Gold Coast in Australia (comprising about 20 suburbs), but they have only 5 reviews on this GMB listing. Subsequently the business moved to an address about 40 miles north of that address and they claimed another GMB listing for the new address. This suburb has a much smaller search volume. The goal is to get a greater geo search-radius for the 1st one (by using the modifier "Gold Coast" as per your hack.) Now I've seen that google has been suspending GMB listing at the drop of a hat lately, so 1) do you think it's still safe to use that search modifier hack by adding the "Gold Coast" after "carpet cleaners" 2) Their website has only 1 citation..so would getting say 10 -20 citations to the website be effective in getting that GMB to appear in the 3 pack for a larger search area ? 3) Since this GMB is a duplicate, is this in danger of being taken down by Google from your experience? 4) may it be more effective to try and get the GMB listing with more reviews to rank for a larger area instead? and lastly, do you think it's still safe to buy a verified GMB listing from your suggested supplier for ranking in a different area? Does it look like Googles algorithms have stabilised in this regard? Its a big question but would appreciate your answer if you can. Thanks

  2. hi, I want to market bakery items, Should I have 2 different website one for main content and other for blog ? or should I have only one website which have a blog pages on it ?what do you recommend from SEO perspective


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