Learn How To Use Mailchimp From Start To Finish In This Complete Mailchimp tutorial for beginners! Start email marketing with mailchimp. Get Your Mailchimp …



  1. Question! I see you're using WP. How can i integrate Squarespace with Mailchimp for automated emails and campaigns? I already have a form on my website template, but I want to take those subscribers and relay/export their info to MC. Is that possible? I'm having some trouble with this but I feel like it shouldn't be too difficult…

  2. Thank you for the insightful video. My account is deactivated every time I try to send out an email. The mailchimp compliance team never responds to my messages. I seem to be doing everything okay and now I am stuck

  3. appreciate this vid but you didn't tell us how they became our subscribers in the first place. Please make a video -opt in as most beginners are confused at this area.Thanks DW

  4. I had a free subscription with Mail Chimp and after hours and hours of creating emails and building my list, they cut me off. I never spammed anyone and lost everything – a total waste of time. Best of all they make it impossible to speak or to email anyone at Mail Chimp to address the issue. Stay away from Mail Chimp, you get what you pay for – it is worst than free.

  5. Great video! Got me started with mailchimp!!! But….I CAN'T FIGURE IT OOOOOOUT!! I followed the instructions, entered the API keys, created a pop up with an automated campaign of a welcome email and another email. But the pop up doesn't show up on my site. So I created a mailchimp embedded form. It adds people to the subscriber list, but doesn't trigger the follow up emails. I still wanted a popup, so I installed Hustle (a plugin). Its popup does pop up on my site. I linked it to my mailchimp account, but it doesn't seem to add the new subscribers, much less trigger the automated mailchimp campaign. I totally get you're so busy, but the forums are crap for figuring this stuff out! If you have any suggestions, I appreciate any nuggets you can provide! you can email me at contact@lucidblooms.com

    Thank you so much for your great content!

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial! Do you know how to print a template or campaign? or to at least save it as a pdf?? I have a few subscribers that do not have emails and need to print a copy to mail to them and Mailchimp doesn't have a greatwalk through of how to really do this….

  7. Mailchimp is a piece of shit. They ruined weeks of my hard work after using them and integrating their software with my business. They ban me for no reason. Don't waste your money on this garbage.

  8. Q1- I have an Excel menu with 70,000 emails. When I have two ad campaigns you must enter each email separately. Or is there a way to upload the file once and MailChimp will format it.

    Q2- If this list contains some Excel emails that have expired or not working or incorrect in writing Is MailChimp will exclude them from the list. Or the ad campaign will crash because there are invalid emails

  9. My interface looks different when I click on "Lists" tab … yours shows a list and create a list options, mine just asks me if a I want a popup or embedded form or landing page in big headings in the center of the screen.

  10. QUESTION : Hi Darrel, I can't seem to change the back picture of a template. For example, take the template with a bike in the background. How do you change this picture with the bike? You can't click on it for some reason… Thank you for your help! Pauline

  11. Thank you very much for this great tutorial, Darrel. Love your channel and appreciate the quality work/ideas you share.

  12. Great video and really useful – thank you! Would be good to know how you manage AB testing and improving campaign performance!

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