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  1. Thank you for this tutorial ODi! It's amazing how many moving parts there are in Affiliate Marketting.

    You inspired me to start my affiliate journey. In this month I'll finnaly launch my website! At first I was unsure, sometimes sceptical, sometimes nervous on wtf am I even doing. But now, I believe I can make it work. Thank for inspiration man!

  2. Hi odi, this might be an idea for a follow up video. But I kinda struggle to get sales from my emaillist. We are promoting physical products (Electronica) and doing a give away to get opins. We have a 2% optin rate which is good I guess? What's urbenchmark? We then push them to our autoresponder to inform them about the product advantages and showing related products. But hardly get extra sales from those lists. Do you have a case study or more email ideas to send to our customers?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  4. I have tried some of your suggestions and it has actually helped me gain some subscribers, thank you for everything you do and keep helping us smaller youtubers even the farming content creators like me 😂


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