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Everything Cool

Long video

Stefan Girstmair

I love ubuntu mate. The only problem i have is that i always seem to have screen flickering when watching videos in a browser. And i cant get rid of it. Really weird. And i dont want to change distro just because of that. Any idea what it could be? Also on other laptops where i installed mate.

The Gent

Being a Windows heathen for the past 6 months or so…looking forward to nuking the Hard Drive and sticking 18.04 LTS on the bugger, but I'll have to brush up on WINE. A video on WINE might be cool, Chris – I remmebr you were smashing GTA VC a little while ago – I assume the mods work just the same cross-platform?

Γιώργος Καλφούντζος

Considering for a while switching to budgie but I definitely loved the new mutiny layout.

Christian Lund

lol, I think you warn us at the beginning of every video that "This is a rambling video." But I quite enjoy your content, so it doesn't bother me.

Martin Wimpress

I've elected to use snaps to deliver Ubuntu MATE Welcome and Software Boutique for the following reasons: Looking at the Ubuntu MATE Welcome PPA stats, only a small percentage of Ubuntu MATE 16.04 users subscribed to updates. Which means they are not getting the significant improvements that we've been working on since 16.04. Sad faces all round. Snaps update automatically. This frees us from the traditional Ubuntu release schedules for Welcome and Boutique. We can now continually deliver fixes, new features, updated translations, improvements and new software listings directly to our users very rapidly with no long tail of supported… Read more »

Vihang Dixit

I haven't used Ubuntu MATE in a while so I don't know if this has changed. However, the last time I did use it, Software Boutique was not a full-fledged package manager. It did not let you install any and all packages from the repository – only the ones they have curated. If that is still true, I don't know how Boutique is a replacement for synaptic or the ubuntu software center.

Joe Pulido

Would you suggest This or Ubuntu Budgie 18.04? i know they are different distros but one of these 2 will be my main distro.

Larry White

Nice review Chris-I installed Mate 1804 minimal install on a thumb drive and its fantastic and getting better every day

David Spicer

I've tried 18.04 Mate, Kubuntu, and the Ubuntu Daily build. I'm currently running the Unity7 Maintainers Team version of Ubuntu 18.04 with the Unity 7 desktop and I like it better than the others. Their latest ISO is dated 3 Feb, with their own Unity PPA, and they appear to be attempting to get Unity added back to the official flavors.


could never get into any debian based linux always to clunky and slow feeling thats why i stick to arch

Stein Erik Svendheim

Mutiny panel layout now supports undecorated maximized windows, just like Unity 7.
Glorious, I say.


Anyone got any idea of what is the status for the implementation of Lxqt in Lubuntu 18.04 LTS?

Indian Anupam

Beautiful video brother.Please help me.I just purchased new laptop has endless os.facing some to open webcam or how to open to copy pest files picture from memory card to laptop.?how to take screen shot?how to screen record?


Great overview, Chris- as expected!:) This, coupled with your video on Ubuntu Mate 17.10, convinced me to give the latter a spin earlier today (nuke+paved an Arch-based install). And what can I say: it's so nice; was up and running in no time, not a speck of frame-tearing with nVidia, and my ageing CPU fan has purred along. Reckon I'll be staying! 😀

Harald Engels

I am using Ubuntu MATE since 14.04 and I hope that 18.04 (final version) will work as smooth as the two previous LTS versions. Although I am a great KDE fan MATE won me over with its simplicity, easy setup and stability.

Schmitz Gaming

Should be the default desktop for Ubuntu


new is that from ubuntu 17.10 you cannot upgrade to 18.04 but have to make a complete new install.
When entering sudo apt install update-manager-core
sudo do-release-upgrade
It says, sorry mate, there is no new release

Cees Timmerman

I think my list of priorities is:1. Ease of use. Everything should be possible with only a mouse or a keyboard.2. Hardware support, including performance. Xubuntu works fine on a Dell Latitude D630, but the 620 or 610 only ran Lubuntu.3. Software support: deb, rpm, etc. – deb seems to have the largest library.4. Looks. Xubuntu looks fine in the dark and is easily customizable. I could not get Ubuntu's new interface to function as a kiosk with hidden GUI and automatic fullscreen browser. The MacOS separation between menu bar and window confuses and annoys me.5. Security. Automatic notification and… Read more »

Rob Smart

Looking great as always, Brisk will be available for the Mint Mate 19, wonder how that'll look, Mint always seems a tad glossier somehow?

Zanaris Falador

I tried to install Ubuntu Mate 16.04 back in April/May 2016 when it first came out and I was excited at the time trying breathe new life into my old hardware (although not too old). However, after installation, I experienced sluggishness when moving windows (almost like the screen was failing to keep up with my actions, etc.) and overall graphics jittering. It may have been my hardware being old but that's why I wanted to try a lean distro like UMate. I just couldn't use UMate since it was such a bad experience. I will not be trying 18.04 this… Read more »

Arman Onezashvili არმან ონეზაშვილი

Like Michael Buffer : Lets get ready to rummmbbbbble!!!! :)))

Michael Murphy

Haha I was thinking about how I could use a beta release as my daily driver. I know I'm going to be upgrading to an Ubuntu 18.04 release anyways.

I was thinking I could use a tool like ansible or chef. I'd have a stable machine on my network that runs the orchestration tool. If things go awry I could be back up in a few mins. Plus it could be a way to recover from a backup faster.

Clive Royle

Amazon/ Google/ Apple/ Microsoft all three platforms
Have made only choice
Linux and open-source
But I have only just started
With touch/screen .
Hard as green newbie
To choose how to synchronize
All apps . Linux ? Will you be able to load y-tube as win 10 refuses to have official app .
Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

André Martins

Regarding ease of use while installing software, as well as availability, how'd you rate Manjaro and Ubuntu?


I like the Contemporary layout. A mixture of both the old-school and the new stuff is an awesome thing, IMO, and it deserves to be the default layout. However, I can't remember which layout, between Contemporary or Traditional, is the default in 17.10 (& 18.04).

TBH, my layout choices are either the Contemporary or Mutiny for me.


I would wait until the 18.04.1 before upgrading non-techie people computers


Isn't Rhythmbox a media player?