Pop_OS!, System 76’s own Linux distro, has gained quite a lot of attention lately. One question that comes back often is: how does it compare with Ubuntu, …


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saber zaid


Kamal Mahmud

Tried both, to bad they are way subpar than my Manjaro


I still prefer Ubuntu for desktop use. Linux Mint is ok too.


Wonderful side by side comparison. Nicely user-centric. Ubuntu partitioning IS easier and I also observe Pop_OS being much more responsive.

Mario Zenarju

One huge thing, Ubuntu ships Swap as a file. While Pop! does as a partition. Point for Pop!_OS


I'm currently using Pop_OS and I like it very much.

I did consider doing a bit of distrohopping, and I'm really liking the KDE that Manjaro offers.

I would suggest doing a video like this with Manjaro vs Pop_OS, with a bit of videogame Testing.


Both are great for beginners with laptops, very user friendly to install and use. Although i'm on ubuntu LTS.

khriss cortez

Ubuntu all the way!

Alessandro Scaltritti

How long will last this fork? Bets are open 🤦‍♂️

Bad Wolf Plays

What you didn't mention is the fact that Pop! OS does an OEM install, which is why you setup the user after initial reboot. Kind of like buying a Windows computer. When you turn on your store bought pc or laptop for the very first time, you then have to setup the user.

I find that pretty cool. That's because I get older computers, upgrade them and give them away to families that are in need. Then when they power on the pc they get to setup the user.

Armando Silva

much better and more fluid experience, plus you have two choices: Intel or Nvidia iso.. If you do multiboot , install Pop Os 1st ,and when installing 2nd OS partition it with gparted. Go to Opendesktop.org and customize it to your heart's desire. Better to use synaptic manager for all the goodies you need. or you can disregard all this and install Debian 10 gnome, and voila!!

Donald Wyman

I actually did make the jump from manjaro to pop os. I have been liking it a lot. I really liked manjaro as well but I like the approach of not having a bunch of stuff installed by default as apposed to manjaro(since it would be a better comparison between gnome manjaro and pop os) throwing everything in it and the kitchen sink. I mean why does gnome need two app menus? I do like having the latest and greatest versions of apps which is why I liked having a rolling distro but at the same time I don't really… Read more »

ΛLΞX B.Marius

Nice video! One short question: What linux distro should I choose? I'm new to ecosistem of Linux, I like to do programming and browsing intensive on my laptop: i7 4600u, 12gb of ram and 500gb ssd samsung evo.

Edit: Pop Os looks really nice to me


2.1GB Ram at idle??? OMFG…

Lesnite Neko

If I ever go back to using Ubuntu as a base, It will definetly be Pop OS I install! But Manjaro is my life currently 😛

Lost In Life

I had issues with Ubuntu missing packages that had to manually installed with dependencies.

Sterling C.

I have been using Pop Os for about a year and it is fantastic! Love it. My next laptop will be a system 76 if not only to support those dudes, great stuff!

Franco Cab

One more thing to mention is that Pop_Os has a little bit better hardware support. If you have an Optimus laptop (Hybrid Nvidia and Intel GPUs) you will notice a big difference! some Wifi adapters work better and right away too!

Anzan Hoshin Roshi

Thank you, Nick. Pop has been my distro of choice since 17.10. The Fractal Mountain wallpaper with the Slim Dark theme is how I usually have it set (although I'll set up a different wallpaper for a few days now and the.) Pop's keybindings suit my workflow perfectly.

Verssales Gamer

i think that the fact that Pop_os use GParted isn't a bad thing, if you are knew to linux I think that the options that their offer are very good to starter, pasrtition it's hard, even with ubuntu's own software.


As always great review Nick

The Linux Experiment

Hey ! I wanted to explore the differences between Pop_OS! and Ubuntu, on which it's based, let me know what you think ! Have you used Pop_OS yet ? Did you enjoy it ?