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  1. So, there's the secret. I only have to wait for systemd to damage his wife's OS like happened in mine, for him to look at offering alternate Ubuntu without systemd, or fix the wrongs that can happen in systemd. Here's a tip, don't use Disks for creating mount points, make a mistake, then correct it in Disks, then reboot and find systemd took the mistake, didn't catch the correction, and no amount of chasing the rabbit of targets, slices, wants, needs, etc down allows you to find what exactly can be fixed, requiring a complete new install.

  2. I must admit I thought Mate was old and ugly for nostalgic people coming from 15 years ago but then I tried Mint Mate a month ago and was amazed of how much they improved a lot of stuff, it felt super good and customizable, even an "old Mate user" said me "This doesn't seem Mate" lol

  3. All games, Adobe products and Office applications or equivalents working on Linux out of the box. Then there'll be serious competition.

  4. False! It's not a good strategy for Linux to be radically different from Windows just to be different. Better would be to emulate the best of Windows (GUI-wise) and build from there. For example, Win 7 was good (not amazing, but good as GUI) . Then it went way, way, off the rails to Win 8, Win 10. Linux Mint is a Linux distro that has a GUI that is like what Win 7 SHOULD have evolved into. Plus all the benefits of the Linux command line. All the different distros of Linux at the GUI level hurts the adoption of Linux, imho.

  5. I wonder if Ubuntu Mate will introduce different theme colors in Ambiant Mate theme. I have the all blue Ambiant Mate Icon set, which somebody painstakingly spent hours doing. I always go into the theme of Ambiant Mate and change the selection colors, as much as I'm a fan of Ubuntu Mate it's just too green for me, as in the color. Linux Mint you associate green with, but with Ubuntu Mate is it meant to be a peaceful color? It's too much for me.

  6. Totally agree with you about what you said about Ubuntu 14.04 and Unity. This is what Ubuntu needs to do, to be unique, well what Martin also said. Totally excited about Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Martin as the leader.

    I like what Martin is doing with Ubuntu Mate and in general he seems much more open minded than Cook, IMHO, I hope he would start hearing the community (at least this is what Fedora is doing). So with him, I think, I hope, a bright future for Ubuntu, and for Debian too, cause if Ubuntu is going fine, Debian will benefit from it too. Looking forward for the 2nd part !!!!!
    Also, want to highlight his modesty and humbliness, this is what Cannonical needs, Ubuntu leader that is strong, passionate and humble.

  8. I have never been a fan of MATE but from Unity and I noticed MATE has some features from Unity already implemented to the system like HUD and global menu, is there a way to adapt them to Ubuntu? I say this because Canonical seems to mimics old Unity, if these Unity features were put on Ubuntu a lot of people will love more GNOME. At least, the Ubuntu version of GNOME.

  9. Too much crap talk about linux this, linux that. What you don't talk about is how not a single linux distro nor variant is leader in anything besides servers. Just a toy for geeks and nerds. Please do your job first and then come to talk crap about a ultra niche OS for geeks. Show me consistency, maturity, broad spread use, reliability, stability. Playing with dozens of distros will get this community nowhere. Start to unify things. Hikkikomoris

  10. Wimpy, I’ve spent the last half hour squinting at your shirt, it looks like a Magic Eye puzzler and I’m sure I can see penguins..

  11. I hope he makes Ubuntu MATE more modern and appealing and takes some of the MATE features and add to main Ubuntu.
    I think all Ubuntu flavors should have a cohesive and coherent look and feel.

  12. I'm already here on Linux desktop and love it. It's a 100% better I love Ubuntu mate. Thank you Martin for making Ubuntu mate great

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