BU is Free Software. Find it at: https://www.ezeelinux.com/bash-scripts/ BU GitHub page: https://github.com/EzeeLinux/bu-usb_backup_tool Check out …


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Redneck Restoration

Thank you for all the time you put into these projects/videos

Me gusta el jamón, el chorizo y los langostinos

Good morning there!! I’ve found this, maybe you like it: vanpc. They sell Linux preinstalled machines! Have a nice day

Cyrus Brinkworth

there is more chance of a bad command than a strike, but now with all those planes flaying around you never know….

Eddie O'Connor

Gonna give this a try!….I have two 4TB USB hard drives that I use with Ubuntu's Backup Tool…and I make a backup of everything..and then?..I BACKUP…the BACKUP!…(Hey…you can never be too careful…right!?) But this looks like it runs faster and smoother!…will definitely use anything that makes my backups go faster!! (Ubuntu's backup tool?…takes FOREVER!..)


7:25. You're welcome xD 😛
FTr Joe. I sincerely appreciate your content…always. Among YOU, Chris Titus Tech, Wendell from Level1techs, and even Anthony from Linus Media Group…are the reasons why I'm slowly but surely transitioning to linux 100%..hopefully before the end of this year. Cheers.


joe i love your videos, thankyou. i still have a preference for the way xbt 3.0 is used in the terminal though ……. i know many will disagree with me and thats fine, but xbt works for me ……… thanks again

Terrance Grant

Thanks for the video, Joe.

Bev in TX

Thanks for another excellent and interesting video.

Ray Miller

Sorry but I saw a spelling error on line 127 of the BU script. Doesn't affect the operation of the script. Thanks for all your work, I have been using XBT for quite awhile and just switched to BU.


Mr. Collins…appreciate your work and dedication to what you do for the benefit of others … thank you,, also appears that I'm becoming a geek..lol.. i liked reading the program layout and it made sense to me.. guess its all starting to click in..cheers

Joe Collins

ATTENTION: I accidentally copied an extra 'fi' when I was showing how to make sure the system finds your local bin directory. Just be sure to only copy from the # commented line down and make sure you got both 'if' and the trailing "fi" in there… Thanks.

Bruce Scott

LOL, take 2 Nice….!
Nice redo, just as good as the other video… ; -)

Traveller NL

Tanks Joe. Always A pleasure watching your video’s.

Just a question || comment:
Isn’t .bashrc gonna trip over the extra fi that you pasted along with (above) the “find the bin directory and include to the Path” part. I mean, other languages that I do know well would surely trip, but I’m not certain if bash would. (to busy doing all kinda stuff to try it out haha).

Khyree Holmes


Paul L

Just to be clear, backups FAIL just as daily drivers. Yes it's good to keep them separate and continually up to date. But ALL electronics DIE, … of every kind and sort. NONE of them are built with dependency or longevity. As well, the methods [hardware and software] are constantly re-imagined. [On purpose, to keep the market in demand.] Pick as many multiples of data as you wish to stack the odds, but in the long run … it's gone. NONE of my Windows data from yesteryear remains, nor Mac, or early Linux. Nothing pre-millennium exists, save some VHS tapes… Read more »

Stacey Luster

I always make a monthly clone of my Linux Mint Install with Gparted and Timeshift
1. Clone the drive partition with Gparted
2. Restore Grub with Timeshift

Then daily-hourly backups of my user data with Back In Time on an external drive. So I always have two copies of my system.

Cyrus Brinkworth

done fore me…. 1erst time already rock&roll….. great job!