A tutorial for how to create you first Ubuntu application. The tutorial shows how to create a simple web browser by generating a project, setting up your user …



  1. You need to add quickly manually in the latest Ubuntu version.


    That package is only available for 12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS. You can still download it manually from here:http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=Quickly

    glade-gtk2 is only available for 12.04 LTS,
    14.04 LTS, and 15.04 (EOL). Once again, you can manually download and install from here:


  2. Hi Jono Bacon. I have developed a Ubuntu App using quickly. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04. The problem i am facing is that, right now i am not able to access the app's inbuilt about dialog and preferences dialog. Somehow those dialogs are not getting invoked on the button's press event. Please help me to properly connect those two dialogs. I am not able to understand where their code is written.. Pls pardon my naivety. :)

  3. At the point of trying to create the package with "quickly package" it threw an error saying that it could not determine our names. We input our names in the"names" attribute for the about box. How can we fix this?

  4. Hi, im working on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. When I start Glade it shows on the top right side that the widgets are deprecated. Can anyone help me? Aswell, when I type quickly run into the terminal, it doesnt do anything. It just deletes the collum:(

  5. Is there any good documentation on Web Kit? I've loved the tutorial and I decided to go beyond it. I added a button that takes you to google, and on option in preferences to change google to a different engine. Now I want to add cookies, bookmarks and a back button but can't figure out how. (Tell me if I'm crazy for wanting to do this)


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