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  1. I'm trying this on my new win 10 machine… if this installs a back door or some other type of security hazzard how do i undo it after i get done playing with this hack?

  2. any way to contact you other than over youtube? im looking to better understand metasploit and networks. im enrolled in school for computer science and any and all help would be awesome man. thanks in advance. i could give you a burner cell number you could text an email or something if you would like to keep it private.

  3. do you know any form of i click a malicious website and i get a reverse tcp shell ? i k ow there is a method but i dont remember lol

  4. I read on Kali's website that one's not supposed to install programs like steam or filezilla like you did because it can damage the system irreversibly, how come your system is fine? did you have trouble after have installed theses programs?
    Quoting the website itself "Trying to install Steam on your Kali Linux desktop is an experiment that will not end well."
    I am very interested in knowing how you are able to use your system for general purposes without damaging it and I would be grateful if you could explain it to me : )

  5. Hey man ! Great vids ! Do u know how can i fix the following problem : My Kali can't find my Wireless interfaces (im running it on Mountain OSX with Virtual box)

  6. my victim cant open the file. when he opens it nothing happens.  nothing opens, and on kali Linux it says "Starting the payload handler…"

  7. you all guys show the easy part it's easy to creat a payload but you never show how to make it clean ….
    ( all targets are usign antivirus )

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