I will not tell you if your Chromebook is compatible. Figure out what processor you’ve got and go to this link to see if your Chromebook is compatible: …



  1. my installation gets stuck on a white screen after configuration of the network. I've tried restarting the process with fresh usbs multiple times!

  2. Please help, I am getting a chromebook tommorow and i plan to immediately install linux, do i have to remove write protection screw before i do this?

  3. i get this error when pressing enter after typing the cd;bash command
    "ERROR: coral is not currently supported at all using this script"

  4. Firmware bug tpm interrupt not working polling instead it says when i boot into the hard disk and it stays like this id there and solution or am I out of luck.

  5. I know this video is over a year old so the methods of installing Kali have probably changed some. I followed the documentation on kali.org to install on an HP Chromebook and I think I am messing something up. I am burning the image through crosh/shell and when it finishes the drive can't be opened, but it's visible. I've gone to the seabios and it just says boot failed: could not read the boot disk. If I use Rufus it just hangs on booting from USB… And does nothing. Any information on this would be very helpful.

  6. Why is my screen just black I've turned it off and on again and the USB with Kali is on and lighting up meaning it's getting power but my screen is just black, it happened right after I chose graphical inatall

  7. Acer C720:
    Partitioning Error: After hitting yes on second screen, error message shows: "The ext4 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed." Ideas?

  8. hey do i have to make a bootable USB i have an acer chromebook 14 4Gb ram 32Gb SSD i have the kali linux iso on the flash drive

  9. So it fails to write to disk. So I went back and changed the iso to dd mode. But now my chrome book is bricked and won’t turn on

  10. My options are hidden and it's not allowing me to do it, I entered 1 and it didn't work. Any idea how to fix this? My chrome book is a C322 ASUS Intel based with 32GB of storage and 4GB of Ram

  11. Mine will work for a long time (months) and then suddenly stop booting into Linux.

    My configuration is a little wacky, because my chrome book is older, and only has 13GB of disk space which doesn't meet the space requirements for Kali which is at least 20GB. So instead Of basically follow these instructions and install Lubuntu instead. What I did was purchase a 256GB SD card and installed Kali onto there and dual boot into Kali using SeaBIOS on my Chromebook.

    Now, I said it works for a while and then stops working. I boot, I hit Ctrl + L, and a get a beep code of two short beeps. Last time this happened, I reinstalled chrome, and then reinstalled SeaBIOS (which is when I found out that a full install of SeaBIOS sn't an option for my model, so Dev mode screen is forever. Booo.) I also cracked it open and removed the write protect screw.

    Well it happened again. I THINK what is going on is grub bootloader is getting corrupted somehow??? Instead of doing the full install again I am going to just run a repair on grub and see if that resolved it (because I can't boot into SeaBIOS at all, I only get the Dev screen.)

    Please let me know if anyone else has bumped into this issue, or if this sounds familiar at all. I'll post updates as they come. Thanks!

  12. gg my computer wont turn on, checked repos etc, followed video. I finished installation successfully followed partition scheme correctly. Now my laptop screen goes black does not turn on

  13. Hello, I hav e done all the steps correctly but when I finished installation of Linux and i tried to start kali linux it got stuck and it's doing nothing now what should I do?

  14. I am studying for the CompTIA Sec+ cert and have an Acer Chromebook. Thank you for producing this video as this will greatly help me.

  15. I followed instal went great chrome books comparable. But when I boot it starts then just goes black. I have tried so many times now any ideas on to fix this or how to put bios back so I can go and run crouton and try it that way

  16. I'm getting a (23) Failed writing body error every time I curl the shell script. Any one else getting this issue, and any suggestions to help? I don't want to use Crouton.


  18. Hi I have a 11e chromebook lenovo and I tried to install kali-Linux and the keyboard does not work and the mouse works but is limited. I have ran all of the updates with no results in fixing the problem. If you could help that would be highly appreciated. Thanks again for the video

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