Do you want to learn a new profession in the field of security and earn money from it legally? So you want to be a web security researcher?



  1. Programmer here, this channel is absolutely legendary. Thank you so much for your free information!! And well explained too.

    The first 10 minutes sold me. Instantly subscribed. Usually I don't click a 12h long video but man I hit the jackpot today.

    PS: 13:10 I'm using Arch Linux 😉

  2. For burpsuite, I tried to use https sites like or twitter but burp doesn't seem to work. Are you using foxyproxy? I've installed and uninstalled the CA certificate but it doesn't seem to work with HTTPs sites. Would appreciate any help or insight!

  3. Sir.. Is there any type of software in kali linux.. Where we can find information from any mobile number.. Of anybody.. Or scan numbers.. If present than please make a video on it.

  4. Kindly contact Lotthery on whatsapp via +14702315037. He is a professional hacker in area of turning of surveillance Camera, double bitcoin,Spying and mobile and social media what sap;instagram facebook tracking; and any other hacking options.He once helped me, a trial will convince you.


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