Hello YouTube Family! Today I’m bringing you a new Tutorial walkthrough of one of my favorite Adobe mobile apps, Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Join me as I walk …



  1. Hi! I am unable to use custom eraser ( that is, eraser style with current brush style) despite changing my preferences, to ‘Erase to current brush’? Please help. Is there any way around it? It was a helpful video, but I am stuck here. I only get to use the default eraser . Thanks

  2. I’m planning on buying the apple pencil to draw n was wondering what are the best drawing app doesn’t have to be free ik procreate is popular but seen some reviews that and changes alot and not the same etc

  3. Great video! Now I'm even more excited about getting a new iPad. I assume you can export to Adobe CS even if you're on a PC?

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