That’s the St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi, Vietnam. Tools used are Pelikan M200 with SketchINK, QoR Nickel Azo Yellow (PY150), Quinacridone Magenta …



  1. Great job Love old churches – such great architecture. Teoh: How much do you use the "negative space" (I think it's called) when doing your sketches. Do you use it a lot (like the top part of this church)?

  2. Take a photo and go home. Make a cup of coffee, then slowly draw, say some chat, live happily, yearning! Yearning for Australian travel artists!

  3. youtube: loading video

    me: instantly hits like button

    I love your videos! and I'm so inspired to keep drawing! thank you for sharing

  4. I like this. Simple line work, as you said, you don't add every detail but the way you do your sketches, are always so good that the fine detail is not needed. Awesome!

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