In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Pencil Drawing from a photo in Photoshop. You will create this line drawing effect using 5 easy-to-follow steps!



  1. I really like your tutorial, you did a good job explaining things step by step, so that I could follow along easily. But I can not figure out why both the Black & White is greyed out and also the Filter Gallery is greyed out. I checked for updates. Thanks

  2. I Love your tutorials man, they are so detailed and very well instructed! They're the Very Best tutorials on YouTube…even better than any so called "Official" tutorials that Anyone else has…But this sh*t is Far From "EASY" man lol…Especially if you needed a tutorial to begin with! 🙂
    Thank You for helping us bumble through it all!! I know I Truly Appreciate learning from you!! Keep up the Amazing work man!!

  3. What an excellent teacher. I stumbled on this video quite by chance, and I'm impressed! I ended up watching it, even though I did not come for this.

  4. Great tutorial. One question: during the final Smart Objects Trick, when I double-click a layer as instructed, I get the Layer Style window, not the original image as you do in the video. What am I doing incorrectly?

  5. So awesome….. I’m learning so much but am very new to PS so some of this is still hard to grasp!!! Thank Jesus 😊 you rock!!!

  6. How did you create another tab.. and how did you get that library selection in that section…

    Nice tutorial anyway

  7. It always astounds me that common sense takes to long to get a foot hold in some of these programs. 20 years ago I started to learn Photoshop, no names on brushes, no clear divider to separate the different brushes. Every student in the class went "why". There were dozens of little things that would make programs more user friendly, again common sense but there's money in updates so we continue to suffer. Just had to vent. Most of my pictures are too dark to work out well when I try to apply any sketch effects. But your videos are really helpful.

  8. The instructions for the pencil brushes did not match what I could see in my menus (I am on CC). Could not do this step.

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