This photoshop tutorial is awesome i used several photos to create this manipulation. final contrast and mood is done using adjustment layer and camera raw.



  1. I have done it , the problem is that i can't see well what are you doing so I have finished as i thought it was the best .
    The sky, that i have used,is one more or less similar and the same with the dust particle
    Thank you for sharing with us your art

  2. your work is amazing… you got a new sub 😉
    btw: you have some filters like "Nik Software" and I have seen those are some cool filters. Where do you get them? Are those for free?
    thanks mate

  3. This is insane and incredibly good editing.. Thanks for the tutorials.. Excellent excellent photoshop manipulation.. I think you are best photoshop editor from India.. Guess.. ☺


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