Hello world, In this video, I’ve shown you the complete method to create paper cut out styled digital layer art illustration in Adobe Illustrator. This could be the …



  1. help! i don't know why after i add the film grain it makes my smooth vector into sharp-binary lines. now that i look at yours, it seems to have made your artwork that way too. is there a way for it to not?

  2. This is a brilliant tutorial, thank you! You actually put in some effort smoothening the offset path. I think i have a faster and easier
    way, why not use a central shape and blend it with the shape outside? that way, you don't even need to invert the object, you just have to expand the blend and it saves loads of time!

  3. oh God, thank you so much you gave us this kind of person. Your video is really really great and easy to follow. Big thanks

  4. Hello great tutorial , I’m a beginner in Ai so I’ve reached the filling with lightings but its not showing only fill and no fill so what can I do to fix this issue

  5. It's possible to export such magnificent artwork in svg from Ilustrator. I'm noob in Ilustrator, so don't be nice. 🙂

  6. Hi! Does anybody know how to add "thickness effect" for such kind of "paper layers" without Grain effect? Cause it makes art a bit "rasterize" Thanks.

  7. I love how you go back and "reshow" certain parts. For a beginner, this helps so much. Actually the whole tutorial is easy to follow. Thanks so much!

  8. i tried it and it worked great, except that the edges look really “pixely“, is that normal or did i make a mistake?

  9. why is it that when i change the film grain it takes forever to render in preview mode, each time i change a value , but then you do it you can see the changes happen with out needing to render and fly through it, i have an 8th gen i5 and a mx150 GPU – weird

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