How do I setup Illustrator, PERFECT for designing a logo? It’s 2019 and has been for a while, so in today video I show my complete Illustrator setup for logo …



  1. I'm sorry you seem like a nice guy but you are the least expressive person I have every seen on YouTube

  2. Well as I'm still learning this particular programme its best to stick to default…

    👍🏻 on the colour chart….

  3. hey brah – good work. though nothing mindblowing, this video helps me confirm if what i'm doing is right/wrong. this alone brings value. i've been consistently watching you grow as a creator and educator for 2+ years now – very glad to see you thriving. Very interested in your thoughts on the Astute Graphics plugins for illustrator. They've been a game changer

  4. I almost do it the way you do. I just don't close any window, as I use align, character, and others quite a bit.
    If at any given moment I need more space, I just press Tab. Great vid Tom, thanks for sharing your process with us

  5. I almost use the illustrator for logo designing, exactly like you do.
    Other than the number of artboards and view actions. Great video!

  6. I do prefer a darker interface coz it's true it gonna mess eyes in designing also when doing my software program

  7. For me, the second darkest setting is vital. I have vision problems as it is and half the time I have to wear sunglasses to work on stuff for long lengths of time.

  8. I prefer to use "More Settings" on the New Artboard Window to setup multiple artboards. You can make 6 of them from there and then set your spacing to 150px and it would lay them out in a grid just like you have but without the extra menu and alt + drag steps. I'm also a big Keyboard shortcut user – CMD + 0 zooms to the single artboard you're working on and Option + CMD + 0 shows all. Great setup for logo design!

  9. I am glad I now know why I somtimes had headaches trying to place a point at a desired place and not be able to do it… also interesting to know how you proceed. Thanks

  10. You should make us of “actions” as well as its makes certain workflow way faster then just doing everything by clicking and searching for individual functionality. Flip, expand and rotate actions are just a must.

  11. Nice to see your setup for logo design. I use the second color-grey user interface. I also use most of the tools in Illustrator. Thanks for sharing. As always have a great day.

  12. glad to catch u . well bro. i am quite new to AI. and i just installed newest version 2019. would u plz help me how to start and from where to start Illustrator, as i want to be a logo, poster designer. so i need your guidance plz. thnx

  13. omg thank you so much I found it because of you. I have never align my pen tool it always snaps then I saw it on ur vid thank you so much!

  14. Welcome back and I hope you find this video interesting, or at least learn something new. Have a great day 🙂

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