Learn Adobe Illustrator Adding Line Variation Tutorial is the 2nd Step of our Challenge …



  1. Hey Jason is there any way you can un-expand your drawing? I am doing this on a different day since I expanded the drawing so I cannot just click undo. What I am wanting to do is change the curvature one of my lines as I am wanting to move it up a bit.

  2. first tutorial I did of yours well this is second part and what a amazing job your are doing so easy to follow, thank you… from british columbia, canada 🙂

  3. Hey Jason, how did you get the eraser tool to erase the over lapping paths w/o cutting into the other paths ? I tried the method expand and then eraser tool however when I go to cut the over lapping paths it cuts into the merging paths as well not leaving me with the desired angle/shape as I see in your tutorial

  4. Helpline (Beta Test): If you are going through the tutorial step by step and need assistance "LIKE" this comment (a notification hits my phone). Write a NEW comment with your question and the time of the video you are stuck on (the NEW comment is at the top of my comment list).

  5. Excellent! Love the ctrl+A, divide, ungroup, click and delete to get rid of overlappig and ghosts! Thanks. learning tons!

  6. Hey Jason I found you tutorials while working on a kennel logo for a friend. I am curious on how you united all the blacks without some lines disappearing?

  7. How do you get the resource files? I followed the directions on the website and didn't get an email with the link to the Dropbox.

  8. Thank you, Jason, for sharing your passion, thank you for your time in doing so as well. I think your the best instructor on youtube or any other platform I have ever come across. Your patience and clarity on tools as you use them are invaluable. I wish you all the best in 2018.

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