Graphic design tutorial: In this video, I show you how to use the Pen tool and two ways you can master it. Second Technique: 1:55 Guidline Download: …



  1. The second method of how to use the pentool is so much easier, as you have more control over the curves, you just need to figure out the rough lines so then you can make the nice curves, thank you so much men, you basically just taught me how to use illustrator, just needed this step to learn how to do design, you just earned a sub 🙂

  2. Swerve, this tutorial has helped me a whole lot. Could you please go check out my twitter? I just posted an image of some hand lettering I did and this tutorial is what go me into that sort of thing. 🙂

  3. your channel has the best tutorials ever! I can easily follow them and learn something new 🙂 please keep sharing more awesome stuffs

  4. The pen tool has always been my trouble in any design tutorial I've done. Until I tried this…Swerve you rock! Thank you

  5. I can't get my pen tool to do that. When I click on the next point, and try to curve the line, it makes a new line going from the starting point to the second point.

  6. please help. I want to be a graphic designer as a career but to get started, all I need is illustrator and Photoshop right? and how much money would I be spending to get these programs

  7. This is Really helpful. Watched your other videos which bring me to this question… Do you have any Complete Course for the process of making something in sketch and then make it in Illustrator and then change or enhance its appearance in Photoshop? and thank you so much for your provided information.

  8. awesome video . I'm a user of CorelDRAW and I'm trying to move to illustrator, and this simple video helped a lot.

    If possible could you explain why you use photoshop and don't do the artwork only in illustrator?


  9. I do really like your tutorials and your way of making stuff look easy. I would love to see some more tutorials like this, like how to setup Illustrator's preferences and how to use certain tools.

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