In this episode we’re looking at more Superhero comics with work from Eric Canete, Dexter Soy and Dan Mora Chaves, but also taking a jump into some manga …



  1. By the time this series gets to something like 10 episodes, how many times do you think I'll have said 'your eyes are guided through the image' ?

  2. I assume the Yaoi is drawn by amateur on deadline, most manga company has very harsh schedule especially the weekly manga.

    For horror manga I highly reccomended Junji Ito Uzumaki or anything by Junji Ito really.
    For Shounen I reccomended one piece or black clover.

  3. to add to your comments on the Berzerk image, (the whole viewing order of the image thing)
    I've actually had a lot of trouble reading manga in the past purely because I don't feel I'm viewing the images the right way
    things start to feel incoherent, despite the fact that I'm recognizing brilliant artwork and am immersed in the story

    bit of a weird phenomenon

  4. a lot of yaoi is self published and there's not a lot of "trained artist" in the genre

    but I think it also has to do with just the tradition? like why all anime and manga look similar, the person drawing it just try to keep it consistent with what is already expected but they're not good drawing so it comes out like that???
    also it could be that since it's a lot of amateur work they just learn to draw by copying the series they love, like when kids in the 90s learned to draw by copying dragon balls style

  5. Also, if you keep reviewing manga, I suggest Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King), Kazuki Takahashi (Yu-Gi-Oh!), and CLAMP Studios (Sakura Card Captors, Magic Knight Rayearth), for now.

  6. speaking as a previous artist for 'the big 4', when you have the balls to include the likes of John Buscema, Gil Kane, John Byrne, Wendy Pini, George Perez, Jim Steranko, Marie Severin, Neal Adams (1968-1983), Pablo Marcos, Esteban Maroto, Herb Trimpe compared to 'Squirrel Girl art', then you deserve the right to make this series. Until then, you are being a tapeworm, and you know it.

  7. "Yaoi hands" has become a meme within the manga/doujinshi community.
    "Doujinshi" is a form of manga that is made by fans, mostly about famous franchises, such as Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya, and other shounen themed stories.
    Some doujin artists even use it as a joke in their stories, not necessarily that they can't draw good, but as a part of an inside joke.

  8. Definition of superheroes (imo)
    -has "man" on their names
    -badass female
    -same enemies over and over again
    -100% boring and generic

  9. Loved the video! More manga artists suggestions:
    Ogure Ito – Air Gear
    Yukimura Makoto – Vinland Saga
    Horikoshi Kohei – My Hero Academia
    Or these for some interesting styles:
    Hayashida Q – Dorohedoro
    Haruko Ichikawa – Land of the lustrous

  10. Dang if you do manga again you should really look at Ogure Ito (Oh! Great) mainly refering to the manga of bakemonogatari and air gear he is like the heaviest inspiration to how I draw and I think his artwork is just great especially shots of characters with a city or something else in the background he is just an amazing artist.

  11. I'm 100% sure the Larroca Iron Man heart attack pic comes from his and Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man run (the coloring is really recognizable), and all the LEDs on the armor point to the Bleeding Edge armor, the one Stark used during "the Heroic Age", the setting that came after Dark Reign and Siege. If I had to guess the exact story, I'd say the Fear Itself prelude in the VERY early 500s, when he faced against Mummified Doc Ock, because I remember the story consisting almost solely of ol' Otto dabbing on Tony, so hacking the armor and causing a heart attack could be a part of that.

  12. Yaoi has such anatomy (in my theory from what I have looked at) is that at the time of yaoi becoming it's own thing and such, it was a popular thing where men with small head, big arms, long legs and being tall considered to be the prettiest by the standarts. So, artists as they are, started to exadggerate those things. Japan, as it is known, likes to keep traditions and likes to go off of other artists styles (hence anime and manga were born). So, with that, artists of this sorts started to copy that, bad artist or good artist. Of course, nowadays it is less of a thing, because yaoi artist lean more into the style of normal manga. But this is just my opinion! Sorry for my english, if anything. 😀

  13. I'm overjoyed to find you branching out into Manga at last. I love Western comics as well, but some Manga artist just bring such raw talent and passion to their work it couldn't be ignored for ever.

    Anyway I would love to see your reaction to the work of Manga artist Keisuke Itagaki. It is some of the most raw, forceful and almost ugly depictions of the human form. Yet done is such skill and understanding of anatomy that its beautiful and compelling to see 'in motion' across the page. Every strike, every crab and every kick seems to leap off the page with these gritty depiction. The particular work that showcases this mastery of human anatomy is his series. Baki The Grappler. Which is a mixed Martial arts series following the career of the titular character. Although this might be a stretch, I'd actually love to see the first impression you have when confronted with his work. Given how this show is made I understand that might be heard, but if you could have someone else compile some pieces for you to look at and then break down that would be great. I'm certain your reaction would be priceless.

    Also to try and answer your question about Yaoi art. I'm personally not a fan of romance manga like that, but from what I've seen over the years it reminds me a lot of old Japanese woodcut styles. Odd proportions, strange expressions and exaggerated features were a norm even though they could have been more detailed if they had wanted. So I believe it might be something rooted in that cultural memory that artist dedicated to that genre are invoking. Possible without even realising it. So to explain the top manga's change in style though. I'd bet they probably have more money and thus get in talent from other fields who do more 'traditional' manga art to work on it. Which would explain to me why it looks the way it does compared to the 'norm' in that genre. I could be wrong of course, thats just my interpretation.

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