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  1. Cool, thanks for this. I've got an action I made in PS that does something similar but, it doesn't crop across the guides, this is way better. Thank you so much.

  2. nice! I do have one problem: when I am finished with the design (made with the clipping mask) I select everything and go to "expand appearance". There comes the problem in: I get lots of lots groups (wich I ungroup) but there remains clippinggroups I cannot ungroup. I want them to be ungrouped so I can make a cuttingfile of it. I work with Illustrator 2019. Maybe you can help me out? Thanks in advance for your answer.

  3. Don't know what is happening, when transforming that brush part is not transforming with lines that was created in second layer.

  4. holyyy sheeeeeeetttttt…..
    I thought when I saw this technique its an app for I pad

    now I know how to do with layers
    Thanks A lot

  5. when I use the reflect effect my original paths stroke becomes invisible… is anyone else having this issue or does anyone know how I can fix it

  6. This is awesome, thanks for sharing tutvid! I've done some similar designs before, but that was using symbols, and I wasn't able to get them to update in real time. This way looks more intuitive.

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