You can learn to use the pen tool in Illustrator with this video. Learn to add and remove anchor points. You can use the Pen tool for many different occasions, such as cropping an image, make…



  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Keep posting. I have a problem where it seems to keep locking to certain angles or points instead of freely being able to anchor where ever I want.

  2. Great tutorial man, i love the touch of children suffering. really keeps you awake when you are learning late at night

  3. How do I leave a path open?? Like if I'm outlining a butterfly, and I just want one antenna and the anchor points are still there and then when I click somewhere else it continues the curve. So how do I do that?
    Also, I'd like to know about "stimulate pressure" or something so that it's a bit thicker in the middle than in the extremes n all that. And, how to create a path if a dot '.' is a part of my custom shape.

  4. The ruler guide is not showing you how to create a straight line. The pen tool does this on it's own. The Ruler guide was telling you where the vertical and horizontal points are. I'm guessing that is what you mean but thought id clarify.

  5. Illustrator sucks dude use coral draw it's better . they got the best pen tool ever Y the hell Adobe can't do that

  6. Great tutorial dude THX 😀 Just one question, when I click on one of the anchor points and it does not have both of the guide lines, just one, how do I make the other one appear?

  7. I could've used this video yesterday as my instructor asked us to redesign a cartoon. Being new to Illustrator I had no clue what I was doing. Thank you for this video!!!

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