Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial – Tracing with the Pen Tool ***This video is a little advanced. Take a look at the videos below to build a quick foundation for using …



  1. This was a great video to help me transition back into the world of digital design after living without Adobe for a good 8 years. Not sure why I ever decided that it was a good idea, but this video has helped me go from ver. CS2 to CC.

    Please take note to never accidentally hit command H (MAC), which I am used to doing in Photoshop. It took me all evening to figure out why I couldn't permanently see my anchor points (like this video) and adjust the handle bars etc. Earlier today, I did this to hide the guides without fully knowing other important things that may be hidden. Now I am back in business. Thank you Jason for your fast response and help today!! 🙂 Love your example using a bulldog!

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