In this video, we’re going to take a look at the best new features in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019, and these updates to Adobe Illustrator were announced during …



  1. I just can't believe they still don't have the "shape" or "contour" gradient (whatever it was called) that was available in Freehand so long ago.

  2. The new gradient tool kind of looks like a better version of the gradient mesh tool. More control with less fiddling around.

  3. The Points gradient tool is probably the nicest asset, would have liked more demos on other shapes too see but cool. As far as the Symbol synching…already had in Affinity Designer. Not saying for “app wars”, as I think having more than one creative app just raises the striving bar for each…making more options for artist/designers. Cool they added it, is a handy efficiency tool.

  4. Wow… this is great… Im into font effects alot and im going crazy about that font classification… 🙂 Thankyou again Dansky its always so much fun watching your videos 🙂

  5. I would want to know how the thumbnail image was made. Does anyone have an idea or source on how to make it? I have seen the video on the liquify tool but this thumbnail seems different.

  6. I'm assuming they didn't fix the biggest problem with Illustrator, limited artboard size? Who wants to work in a 1:1 space anyway.

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