In this episode of Vector Sector, Dan grady shows how to make a 3D bottle and map a label to it using adobe Illustrator…



  1. Salut voilà en faite je cherche une personne qui pourrait me faire une image de fond d'écran pour ma chaîne Facebook, et youtube c'est possible de voir sa avec vous?

  2. Dan, if I had a label I designed in Illustrator that includes a placed or linked image, can I still map it using the same method you indicate above? And if so, would embedding the image make it easier than linking it to the label design? I am mocking up a can of soup for a client, so if i can avoid printing, mocking up the can and photographing, it would be sweet. Thanks in advance.

  3. On the off chance you still check your videos, any advice on my issue? Attempted to do this and my computer said there's no enough RAM available. Does the wrapping effect really take up this much space? Also, is there an easier alternative?

  4. Hi Dan, when you put a label around a cylinder the width of the label is not "about twice the dia" but exactly Pi * diameter – just nitpicking – thanks good video

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