In this video, I have explained how you can use SQLite3 with Electron JS to develop desktop applications with a database. Check out the code yourself at …



  1. that is a great tutorial but i get some trouble
    may i have some help?
    require is not define how can i fix it?
    i try browserify but that will make more trouble.

  2. I find this new IPC architecture a little more complex than it should. I cannot make async calls to IPC channels because otherwise, all listeners will get all responses. There would need to be another protocol on top of this IPC to get specific calls to return to their specific callbacks. Any comments on this?

  3. 1-instead of –npm i –save-dev electron-rebuild– do npm i –save-dev electron-builder
    2- "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "electron-builder install-app-deps"
    3- npm run postinstall

  4. For people who even tried to manually install and update everything but still didn`t work, try this:

    (OFC install electron and sqlite3)

    Instead of electron-rebuild do `npm i –save-dev electron-builder`

    add to scripts the following line "postinstall": "electron-builder install-app-deps"

    Then do `npm run postinstall`. This should rebuild native dependencies. After this i was able to `npm start` and everything worked properly.

  5. When I package it to exe file, there is no console.log or table that Im drawing after I got information from sqlite3. How do you do this?

  6. thanks for your excellent tutorial, but i want to ask about how to handle sqlite when package the app, because i always get an error cannot open database file.

  7. You are an excellent tutor. Your videos have great content, informative and useful, and very well presented. Thank you!

  8. You know you don't have to "save" every time you make a change right? Once you've changed the code just press cmd + r and electron will update your new content.

  9. So please can I used it to make application that has no internet? I want to build desktop app for my school and I need datastore that does not require internet

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