In this SQL Server 2014 Tutorial for beginner, we cover SQL Server management studio. This is also known as SSMS.



  1. I installed SQL Server 2016 on my windows 10 but I do not see a program called SQL server 2016 managment studio. can anyone help

  2. I appreciate this tutorial but you haven't actually told me anything of substance – like Why would I use Register Servers. You did say when I would use them (prod vs dev). Also, what if I don't currently have db loaded (like adventureworks). The assumption in this video is that everything is already loaded? I have the same problem with MSDN tutorial. Even so, I'll look at another video tutorial to see if there is more info.

  3. I seem to have downloaded several copies of Microsoft SQL server (2008, 2012 AND 2014!) but I can't seem to find any executable program in any of the multiple folders called 'Management Studio'.   Am I looking in the wrong place?

  4. Hi kash. Great Stuff. I went onto the website and would like to purchase this series of videos. Would you be able to direct me to it? I went to check out the sample videos, and i could only find 2012 sql server videos. I was afraid that I would purchase the 2012 series instead of the 2014 series.

  5. I'm brand new to this. SQL 2014 Express automatically wants me to connect to a sever, but I want it to be local. Because I'm not connecting to another server, it will not allow me to create a new database. How can I create a new DB from Scratch? I can't seem to find any answers anywhere.

  6. Can anybody help me with this problem
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