Jamie King of Neumont University demonstrating how to join several tables together.



  1. Oh dear lord thank you so much. I've been working on this homework problem that was very similar to what you did in this video and this helped me so much. Thank you God bless you sir.

  2. Joins always baffled me until i watched this, done a week long MSQL course and watching your youtube videos make more sense.

  3. After wading through many online tutorials and getting nowhere, I came across this which enabled me to do what I needed to do. Many thanks for sharing in a very understandable way. I wondered if you have a tutorial for the following please? After gathering all the information from 7 different tables, understandably some data was duplicated in the result. How do I remove the duplicate data from the joined table result please?

    Best regards

    Louise Jean

  4. Thanks, for the video, Jamie…nice to see a knowledgeable person have the same niggling typing issues and synapse lapses as I suffer with every time I get on SQL Server. Haha.

  5. I'm a jr developer and your videos are AWESOME for refreshing my memory and getting me up to speed (without having to bug my sr devs) thanks so much!

  6. Thank you!!! My textbook was so vague about joins, and you gave me the exact information I need for my project.

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