Whats up Friends?! In todays video I am joined by Microsoft Flow MVP – Ahmad Najjar http://twitter.com/ahmadn82 and we are bringing you the SQL Connector!



  1. Thanks for Sharing! having an issue where my database table requires Employee ID when inserting the Row which in shouldn't be happening unless we are updating the row. Any suggestions?

  2. Very cool, I am a old ECM guy but new to Flow. I see a couple of applications, but, I could be all wet.
    The first application is retrieving data from SQL and passing it to metadata in a SharePoint library to retrieve documents.
    The second is the reverse of that and passing metadata that was captured in SharePoint, probably from a document, to a SQL database.

  3. Hi Guys, any idea how this works with PowerBI streaming data set?, I have a flow which pushes the DB rows to PowerBI streaming data set. The problem is SQL connector on flow is pushing all the DB rows instead of pushing the only newly created ones.

    This is creating a duplicate data in PowerBI data set. I have searched a lot in internet but couldn't found anything. Please help me if you are aware of any solution.

  4. Excellent movie, I'm big fan of SQL Server, Power Query and Microsoft Flow.
    I hope the action of Open Transaction/Commit/Rollback to Microsoft Flow for automate business workflow 🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍

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