Welcome to an SQLite mini-series! SQLite, as the name suggests, is a lite version of an SQL database. SQLite3 comes as a part of the Python 3 standard library.



  1. Hey mate, how could I fetch data from a dictionary instead of table, throught SQlite to my .db file ?
    Cant find a comand for that..

  2. sir i want this this what you done connect my website login page when i enter name email password after submit the data will save in database can you help me !

  3. I've recently been learning a bunch about programming in python and have stumbled upon a bunch of your videos. They're very helpful.

  4. hey man, i'm from brazil and i'd like to ask you something… do you know any really good book of python + sqlite? because I found many, but i don't know who is the best.

  5. Im a beginner trying to learn Python and SQL simultaneously. This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    I'm developing a database with sensitive information. Right now, Im only practising with SQLite3.
    My understanding is that MySQL is more secure, right? Are the commands for SQLite same as for MySQL?

  6. Thanks for your in-depth explanation – found this nowhere so clear as within your vid. Also very good tutorial, though I just needed an overview – I'm trying to set this up with c#.
    Anyway – good stuff, so keep it going :)

  7. Great tutorial! Will you create an extension to create a GUI that adds textboxes, buttons and list tables which you can add, delete, sort records and ultimately clicking on the list table which sorts by the row you click and add, edit or delete data off the table?

  8. I dropped out of my trades program today to learn programming. Hoping I will be able to absorb your lessons to help me get a better grasp of the concepts needed and understanding of different languages. Great video man keep it up!

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