Find source-code here : Introduction + Creating Database and Tables …



  1. i appreciate these videos tremendously …following the steps you shared, please how can i retrieve information from database and display on a new activity, pls kindly respond. thanks.

  2. Where is this database gets stored inside the file structure of the project and how do I access it remotely without the help of this class.

  3. Hi…I'm new at android programming and i am currently developing an app on eclipse. May i ask if there is any installation of some sort to use sqlite or eclipse already has one?. Really need help. tnx

  4. sir explain more about thier method that you use, like why we use it?, can we use anther else of this? it belong to which class? how its working and so on… sir i am not blaming on you actually i am in learnning stage, So its my need, and i hope you will take care….. I am saying to you for your all tutorial, not for this only… you are the one through which i understand…sir its nothing more than request.
    thank you so much

  5. I watched the complete tutorial of yours about sqlite databases. I had difficulties understanding it in school, however thanks to you I now know how to make use of databases in android. Thank you and Keep going! :D

  6. hello ProgrammingKnowledge i want to ask you if i can get some answers from you… because i am doing a project to my school and its important so i finish this school year i really need you help with some simple tasks for you.. because for me someone who doesnt know anything is very difficult… so i wanna ask you someone with experience to teatch me 1 thing that i need so please if you can help me please menssage me it will really help man.. stay awessome and great tutorial..

  7. Hi!

    im trying to create a database. im using android studio. after i run the app. i check in 'ANDROID DEVICE MONITOR" datadata but there is no package name there (**.**) the only folder i can see is "con" folders.

    any ideas?

  8. Hello, is this database is stored device itself? assuming if i got some datas in the database an if got an update for the app, does the data still saved or it's deleted?

  9. I am facing gradle build problems man, it takes an hour, or a full day to build, it's so frustrating man, have you faced any gradle build problems?

  10. if I want to create two, three or more tables.. What can I do for coding for sqlite and android studio.. Please reply me asap because Im doing this for my project.

  11. thanks .helpfull videos .i have a question about creation databases.when i finish to create a database on android studio i don't find this database in tools>android device.please help me

  12. if i to create three tables i should also create three databasehelper or only ONE databasehelper and in onCreate i create three tables there? please help

  13. its great tutorial i m folowing it step by step but when i checkd aftr secnd tutorial its not showing my table which i created as created in tutorial..dnt know y

  14. If you're working with two or more tables, would you have to create a database helper for each or can you use the same helper for both?

  15. In my opinion your SQLite tutorials are excellent, THANK YOU !!!

    Do you have a tutorial on how to search a column, and display the row results of a SQLite db file? 

    Keep up the good work ;-))

  16. Steve. If your install is successful. You need to go a menu. Then to customize. And finally drop the icon of sqlite manager to your menu. Sorry for my English. 

  17. liwsten I am encountering some problems w. installing the Sqlite Manager. I tried to install it into my Firefox web browser, more than once, but then I couldn't find it in the Settings/Developer menu! Can you please help me with this problem?

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