Hey gang, in this PHP & MySQL tutorial I’ll show you how to retrieve a single record from the database and show it on our web page.



  1. Thanks for a nice video! I don't have problem understanding this video until #31 but on details page i created pizza variable but the browser show error message like underdefined variable on line 33. Would you help me on this? Thanks!!

  2. some other guys create videos of hours just to show this, you're awesome man very clear right to the point, i hope you can continue with POO in the future or maybe make some PHP advanced course in Udemy, thank you!

  3. Ninja, help me out 🙂
    I wasn't lazy, so I tried to do your example with PDO. Did good job on connection to DB, but I stuck here.
    I don't know how to catch that ID with PDO. I know that you don't do now PDO, but if you could give me a hint, it would meen a lot to me.

    Few days later, I manage to this conversion in PDO (:
    Ninja, is it ok to copy this code of mine for PDO in this comment? I don't know will you make video for PDO in future, and don't want to ruin your work (:

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