Quantum computing is so new it needs a flexible language for programming – Robert Smith of Rigetti Quantum Computing explains why he uses this 60 yr old …



  1. I noticed there was no discussion of having someone else understand his code. When he extends the language, does he publish an API? Is the code itself documented? Maybe it won't matter…
    Maybe it will.

  2. I enjoyed the video but you don’t show an example of the code, not even something simple, would be better if you showed us how some of the concepts he was exposing actually appear

  3. I expect something more of an edutainment channel in youtube than having simply a guy sitting in a chair and talking without any graphic support or any examples. This is lazy video production.

  4. A decade since my loops looked like for(int i=….). Now I am counting cores and dividing into shared/private variables.

    I have never seen a quantum computing problem though.


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