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  1. not quite right on the black mirror 1st episode. it's more like suck ups, popular and manipulators get the high ratings and the those who just want to be themselves don't get as high ratings. blond bitch with high rating is proof of vile 5stars and the old Las in the truck is proof of a real decent person with bad rating.

  2. I can't sleep on Planes at all, because of the Rollercoaster feeling I always get, when the Plane goes up and down at the same Time while flying up in the Sky! I know that there is a Word for this, but I forgot what english Word is called! In german that Word is Turbulenzen!

  3. The Griffith observatory is amazing. My dad would take me like 10 times a year when i was a kid since we visited family every month in L.A., so I'm totally jealous right now. I'm dying to go back.

  4. Hey there Matt, how you doing? its 1.32am in Australia..I really love your video's and I think you're pretty awesome and such a nice guy.. thanks for being so amazing :-D

  5. Matthew,first I want to say THANK YOU for the Black Mirror.. AMAZING show… BUT,that `first` episode isn`t really the FIRST episode… That is the first episode of season 3.. There is Season 1 and Season 2,with 3 episodes in both of them….and also,there is `Special White Christmas` episodee.. So,technically,the episode you talked about is episode 8… Anyway,I don`t know if you know that but… And again.THANK YOU! :D

  6. since I've to be up all night for work I decided to check out black mirror after seeing this video it's pretty good expect the endings are pretty crappy they sort of end them half way without explaining what happened next what's up with that

  7. yo yo,  matt Sean B,  bron &  from Florida !! and living in TN  and love all your  main and second channel vids, been a giant fan of your's  since u started and rob dyke's as well, Christ bless u matt santoro .& rob dyke  fan for life.


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