That’s how Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics, described the wheeled robot that he unveiled for the first time today. He also demoed SpotMini on stage …



  1. 1:14 LOL if you want, he almost died. I'm wondering if that isnt a hystaria morbidia or whatever. Looking at it another way, if it was an alien they would have gassed the chamber. If it was your child, you might let it hurt you. This is neither or an interesting combination of both.

  2. So why isn't anybody bombing BostonRobotics yet? This is not science-fiction, this is not funny "SkyNet robot overlord", these are real operational robots that in a war could kill you, your family and future children.

    They specifically and voluntarily refused to sign the ban on automated killing/military machines, that's why Google transferred this asset to X.

    If you support that I'm completely fine with a stupid fuck like you being killed but I'm not counting on a human programmed AI to be able to differentiate, that's why I'm asking again: why has nobody attacked BostonRobotics? Do we need a global war so that responsible people wake the fuck-up and render justice?

  3. If its its not Clear to you we all live still on Master's Plantation. Slavery is not dead . Master controls Labor . Master has gotten Smart to Labor – out sourcing (China Etc…) In sourcing (Mexicans) and now AI and Robots. What shall become of US ?


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