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  1. damn this gatekeeper sure does have a lot of demands… maybe get a nice contract, win your fights, win the title, defend it, THEN start acting like you're some sort of prize for them to fight over. the ufc will let him go because he thinks he's worth more than he is, and bellator will likely overpay for him, too bad for them.

  2. He could be champ in Bellator… The UFC 205 lbs division needs depth and the Bellator division has King Mo, Phil Davis, Rampage, a few others.. Could be a good move. Especially good he beat Nogueira and is ranked top 5

  3. Ariel you have to stop trying to ask crazy questions that make headlines. Just be a great reporter and they will happen organically. It's cringey to watch you put the fighter in a tough situation by asking the same question a million different ways just to try and get attention to your website. You have to get over the beef you have with the UFC. The Fertittas are not there anymore. You try to get the fighter to talk bad about the UFC in every interview.


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