Dozens of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries were detained at U.S airports, after President Donald Trump’s travel ban, but immigration …



  1. Dozens… omg what a scarnel …DETAINED and checking.
    People do not have a "RIGHT" to enter into another country!!
    Its fascism??? To stop people from ENTERING their country?
    HAHAHA OMG these people have no clue what fascism is !!

  2. The judge has declared war on my President, and my country and is now, as I see it, an enemy of the state! My rifles are loaded and ready to protect the country, Mr. President, say the word!

  3. the ban has been lifted, judge ordered authorization to the immigrants. Who will protect me and my family from radical Islamic? Who? WHO? They are so blinded by liberalism ideas that they can't see the bigger picture


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