President Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services was grilled by Democrats once again. In one exchange with Sen. Sherrod …



  1. The minority of our Great Country voted with the help of dictator Putin and Russian and Deplorable FAKE NEWS for a LIAR in CHIEF and their Far right Republican cronies. We, the majority and the world need to fight it for our future, four our planet and for our children.

  2. You all are so sacred of change,, way? you want to keep the illuminated ways,,And that's way we voted For Mr

    Trump ,,For change to the USA,,,, omg lady your from another country, leave Mr Trump alone so he can do his Change,,,,

  3. Seriously you cnn guys should be ashamed…you are so anti – trump that it is already ridiculous. I switch between RT, CNN, FOX, BBC and of course all the other media we have in Europe to stay informed without relying to only one news source. I am really sick of it, to me it seems like every big media house is representing a certain kind of political view. That's not your job, you should simply keep us informed, but as neutral as possible!


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