Two influential Chinese newspapers warn U.S. President-elect Donald Trump that Beijing will “take off the gloves” and Taiwan may be scarified if he continues to …



  1. Trump should delete his Twitter.
    1. Not a good idea to use Twitter for communicating with high/famous people.
    2. Stupid.
    3. What if his Twitter gets hacked. Possible outcome could be America getting destroyed.
    4. A lot of people don't like him using it.

  2. in my opinion, they can keep all their cheap crap. Wish they would take Walmart with them and stop putting America out of work. But then we have to realize that most of our career politicians that allowed this to happen along with Walmart shoppers are equally to blame for this mess.

  3. You think Trump knows what "scarified" means? He probably thinks it means "to scare", rather than "to take the surface off". I only know from studying plant's seeds and germination, but I get the allusion to what the Chinese intend for Taiwan. What a newly elected man who ran on being "the most militaristic person, ever" will make of such a threat I dread to think.


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