Part of the series of tutorials on programming C# for beginners Takes a quick look at Windows Forms creating a basic calculator UI and hooks in button event …



  1. Hi guys, I am looking to develop in C# but I want to have a light-weight editor (IDE). Visual Studio seems the ideal IDE but, I do find it too heavy for a laptop I guess. So what would you guys reccomend?

  2. Dear all, I am a total newbie here, I would like to ask you guys that is it possible for me to learn creating window form application without learning about coding console application. ? Thanks all,

  3. Bro, I am having a problem in my Windows Form's Toolbox. I am using Visual Studio 2017, and while working on a project I found that there are no labels, textboxes, checkboxes, and other input controls. Please help me regarding this thing. As it is not possible to develop a calculator, without textboxes and labels.

  4. Hey 😉 Would you use WinForms for very simple application that needs to run fast? I decided to go WinForms route (instead of WPF), but what's your take on that? The application is used to display a small image every few seconds.

  5. These are some very good videos. I have been following them from number 1 and I will make my way to the WPF ones. In the past, I just didn't get time to attempt them, but now I can have a blast at them!

    One suggestion that I would make, would be to set up challenges. So for example, you set a challenge (in the video), tell the user to pause the video. Attempt the challenge and then compare their outcome with yours. I have found that it really helps and it makes the video much more dynamic. But these are some great videos.

    Let me know what you think,


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