Alex Jones delves into the latest reports that Pope Francis’ right hand man Cardinal George Pell raped children. Further prying open the Pandora’s Box on an …



  1. in old Roman empire, it was customary for homosexuals to be the bureaucrats / government rank & file. When the "holy roman empire" was invented, those homosexuals moved into the priesthood, who were the bureaucracy of the monastery system – which were the first corporations- and it was business as usual including homosexuality and pedophilia – both mental illnesses. Priests were once the government, and when churches lost control, the "control freaks" who are in control of everything but themselves, changed hats again…

  2. As a Catholic, I have come to understand that this sin is why Cardinal Burke was put out of the Vatican, that now the Cardinal Muller has been cast out of the CDF, Cardinal Sarah out of the Vatican as well. Because Cardinal Pell is innocent. He is keeping the manifest sinners out of the Vatican bank and now he, like Burke, Sarah and Muller are under attack. Pell refuses to support the Pope's policies about marriage and divorce, allowing sodomites to become and for priests to marry. Cardinal Pell FOUGHT clergy abuse in Australia!! Be careful Alex. You can be lied to as well!!! When you are not wanted by Francis, you are put out of the Vatican! Look who is under attack and you can tell who is innocent!!!

  3. Trump is having the bottom rung pedophiles arrested first and is gradually moving up the ladder. 10,000 so far and more everyday until he reaches the heads of the snake…

  4. Though I do see rampant pedophilia in the Catholic church. Cardinal Pell is not with Pope Francis's agenda. He is a thorn in the Pope's side. I think in this case may be a false flag. This man is a traditionalist and there are many progressive's in the Church that want him out of the way. He also is trying to clean up the finance's and is probrably uncovering stuff that certain people want hidden. This case does not have the same feel as the other pedophile cases. I would like to see a fair trial for this man. He is innocent until proven guilty as far as I'm concerned!

  5. No one took over anything!!! The Catholic church has always been an evil organization!! It's also one of the 3 city/states that rule the earth! What do you think the 3 red stars are on the Washington DC flag is? Also we are no longer America we are actually THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. The 3 city/states are Washington DC, The city of London (this is not London) and The Vatican city. Look it up and see how much of everything is a lie!!

  6. TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA is a book written by a victim whose abuse started when she was an infant. She wasn't meant to live beyond 30 but thankfully God sent her a rescuer. He was able to assist her in recovering her normal mind and as she recovered she also remembered the horrific torture and abuse that had been her life. Her story is the last part of the book. Here are some names and agencies who were responsible for her abuse. She listes these names and others who either abused her or were at least aware of her abuse. Gerald Ford, Canadian prime minister, Pierre Trudeau. Priest in her local church. Mitt Romney's father. Her own mother and father. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Ronald Reagan, Dick Chaney, George H. W. Bush (very abusive to Cathy's very young daughter) George W. Bush was aware of the situation. Several people at Huntsville space facility in Alabama. Also 2 police officers in Huntsville, AL, CIA personal and many CIA civilian under cover operatives. I am stoping here. Not because there are no other names, and not because I can't remember any more, but because if this doesn't generate interest on your part then I am wasting my time and yours. Please research this and help to expose the horrible injustice that has been going on in our country since the early 1950s and before. Cathy is not the only victim. She just happens to be one who was blessed to live long enough to recover her memory and tell her story. The ball is now in your court.

  7. I am glad this is finally happening. I knew it was bad with the elites and their pedo rings, but they have arrested over 3000 people so far! This is so good. Arrest them all and throw away the keys. We want to see the high profile pedos busted! I bet there are a bunch of them.

    **EDIT: ok this morning it was over 3000 arrested, but now you are saying over 10,000 (located at 2:49) arrested! Which is it Alex!**

  8. Alex please give me the links to the "child strangling" stuff and othe links to the accusations. I know many people hate the Catholic Church for what they think that she teaches. As you alwasy say check the facts for yourself. I stand with what Jesus said.. one faith, one truth, one baptism… not many different denominations of contradicting Christians. The Catholic Church has had many horrible leaders … Popes, Priests and clergy in the past, prestent and the future but Our Lord promised he would be with us till the end of the age and i will not leave Jesus and his Church because of any modern day Judas. Read what the earliest Christians believed and taught. Not protestanism.

  9. YouTube comment sections is filled with pedophiles and very soft child porn can be found on YouTube Report them all the videos and the sick pedo fucks in the comment section !!!

  10. Watch the idiot atheists blame Christianity for this SATANIC conspiracy. Never mind the fact that the Catholic elite are ATHEIST Jews & satanists, not Christians. And never mind the fact that pedophilia was only ever abolished because of Christianity. And let's just forget that the normalization of pedophilia in the culture is an ATHEIST Marxist agenda, and has been for almost a century. Godless amoral scum.


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