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  1. I myself was looking forward to seeing 20 prayers going up against a hive of aliens that would have been amazing and the fact that they were going to introduce a king alien that is 20 times better who knows maybe things will change in the future but who knows.

  2. I think some people need to consider WHY AVP 2 failed… It came during the middle of the writer's guild strike. It's why you had 2 guys who were known for special effects directing instead of delivering the visuals they made a name for. All in all the film was not as bad as it was made out to be. Yes, we all know the lighting could have been better. But here's a fact…. I've been in a city wide blackout before, it's dark as shit and you cant see. Ever gone down into a sewer system either? There arent just random lights illuminating the place up either.

    So some of you can just get over that and lets appreciate the film what the good that it brought. It brought "Real" people and not A List celebs trying to play "Regular people" and clearly missing the mark. I think they tried too hard with the female lead and MANY were saying she was trying to be Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, which I think was part of the idea but it wasnt how it ended up. The action was pretty good, unlike the first AVP where 2 Predators get wiped out in the first encounter. Wolf was VERY much like comic book counterparts in the AVP series, where one Predator would take on a whole horde of Xeno's and win.

    But again, why did it fail? It came at the wrong time in cinema history… Look back to when it was released and look at other movies that came out around the same time. Most all were box office flops because no good screen writers, actors, and directors were taking on any projects due to the strike going on at the time. In short, finding good talent all across the board was hard. And the Strauss brothers did pretty well considering the hardships they faced. But lets not kid ourselves…. The Alien franchise was going downhill since Alien 3, the Predator franchise was NEVER as popular as Alien from a financial standpoint or fan base even it seems. The first AVP while it had good lighting and everything, it was a steaming pile of crap… For being deep underground in a dark ass pyramid it was awful bright. Second of all, as mentioned… 2 Predators die in the first encounter with a Xeno. Third, it was PG-13, and EVERY Alien and Predator film before it was rated R. They wanted it to cater to a more "Diverse" audience by making it a lower rating forgetting the fact that the Alien and Predator franchises are niche base audiences to begin with. And lastly… none of the characters were really convincing to me.

    I mean, I couldnt buy some of them were supposed to be soldiers, scientists, or ANY kind of "Expert". They seem to pull random theories out their ass that just happen to be correct all the time after only spending a few hours in a place that no man has set foot in in who knows how long? And while I enjoyed it for what it was, the second really delivered on the violence and action I expected from the first. The technical aspects aside, it wasnt that bad of a movie compared to the first. But, so both the Alien and Predator franchises were on the decline, AVP launched to try and save it, Paul W.S Anderson's Xeno bias showing in full effect, it didnt reach audiences they way they thought either. So thats partially what took so long to get a green light for AVP 2, and when they did? They got it in a time frame that somebody in the studio HAD to know it would fail and let them do it anyhow. And now Ridley is taking back his "baby" and is doing whatever he wants because it's his and blocking anybody from doing something new or exciting.

    Even Predators was a fairly decent film, but it just didnt pack the punch that some Predator fans wanted and it didnt catch on with the larger audience. I'm hoping Shane Black's new Predator film will be good so that the studio might actually agree to let somebody do another AVP film. I always see Neil Blokamp's name tossed around and I've been watching his shorts with Oat's Studios and I'm loving it so far and would have loved to see his vision of Alien or better yet even an AVP. David Twohy would another great person to direct an Alien film and maybe an AVP even. Pitch Black is often compared to Alien for having a general aesthetic feel to it and it definitely had some influence on it, but it's where it differed that made it great. Hell… imagine a Clive Barker directed Predator or Alien movie….

  3. All I am asking for is an Aliens 2…that feels like Aliens 2….until then I will not pay to watch your movie, when I can see them for free…and before everyone else does…XD?

  4. Yes, I wanted to see that AVP & AVP:R plots were boring but the concepts in them were interesting and I always want to more. The reason I liked Cameron's Avatar.
    Now Scott just wants to rewrite Aliens and shoehorn his Transhumanism agenda into it. which totally ruins it.

  5. My idea for AVP 3 is to have the war in the future and in space and other planets and also have the engineers in this AVP sequel, I do agree with the humans having the technology because someone took a predator gun and later transition to having spaceships and off world bases, and also have the movie more centered on the xenomorphs, neomorphs, yautjas, and the engineers than on the humans, and maybe also have the protagonist learn the engineers language and the yautjas language while he is learning about mankind's origins and have the alien king in this movie, maybe have the humans and the predators and engineers work together to defeat them, and also maybe have the protagonist and other good guys find a way to overthrow the weyland-yutani corporation, but this is just my idea for AVP 3

  6. u tell me boys!!!!! prometheus and covenant there were the most shit movies ever made in alien saga!!!…and i bet that the AVP ist gona save the day!!! No more homo bald aliens!!!!!

  7. you say Scott is messing with the timeline , well if this AVP3 was set in the future but before Alien how would that not mess with original lore ? what aload of shit mate

  8. if that was the idea it makes the 2010 AVP game a kind of prelude to that film as the end of that was the whole set up to WY discovering and the predators re-discovering. a movie would be great but I'd love a new AVP game and they could follow on from that game still

  9. Oh lord, can you imagine how HORRIBLE looking that proposed sequel would've been?? Requiem took place on Earth and had plenty of day scenes and it was still impossible to see anything. Now imagine that same directing and cinematography set mostly in space and on Predator ships. Ugh!

  10. AvP was always just stupid fanfiction, the universes are separate and you should get over it. Silly obsessions like this is why nerds, geeks and fanboys deserve every scorn, insult and bullying in their school years.


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