Some suggestions about a home lab for day-to-day training for the CCIE Wireless v2.0 lab.



  1. Thanks for good info. Is there any literature for setting up CCIE Wireless LAB and its Scenarios. I am having trouble finding material to get prepared for CCIE.

  2. Yes, you just need to set your VM images network adapter to Bridged, and each of them independently accesses the physical network from the host… the switch is then set to trunk, and my host (because I am lazy) is on the native VLAN, I just tag the guests VLANs.
    I use Linux as host, so it might be more tolerant than Windows. Under Windows, every time I want trunking from the machine, I had to go to Network and Sharing Center > edit the wired network adapter properties, and allow VLAN/trunking

  3. One small question Jerome, i was trying to configure trunking on my Win7 laptop so that i keep the ACS, WCS , MSE(Vmware image) on different subnets, but so far, i've been unsuccessful. Have you had any success with this?


  4. Thanks Campahunta,
    When you download ACS, you can get a 90 day test license (unlimited). With WCS, you get a 90 day license limited to 10 APs, which is more than enough for a home lab…


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