In this video I am presenting you a Tutorial called Email Marketing For Beginners. It is the first part of my video series all around email marketing. Instagram: …



  1. Hey Michael. I am very impressed with you. To say the least… But I need your help… I am an older gentleman and my wife and i have been missionaries for many years in Africa in a Liberian refugee camp in Cote d'Ivoire. We are coming back to this side of the world and we need help… and seeing how so very gifted you are, I want to ask you some questions. But not on this public place. Could I give you my email or a phone number, or get yours?

  2. Hi, I watched a lot of your videos.
    But what do you think is the best way to make money as 16-17 year old?
    I am willing to learn anything that is required to start the business.


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