We review Ubuntu 18.04, the latest Ubuntu release. It features a huge set of changes, including the GNOME Shell desktop by default. In this video we cover the …



  1. i want to identify a Coding platform to develop a Grocery- Billing software in linux. backend should have a database file and the software should be able to generate monthly sales chart in XLS or linux equivalent format. please HElp….

  2. Ok, I was looking for a list of what changed but i got what ubuntu is with a side of new stuff. But I have a real question: does WINE actually work on this one. Version 17.04 has some problem running it.

  3. This is what modern desktops should be like, nothing fancy, just simple and clean looks. No need to try imitate mobile-like UI's on a desktop with big bulky blocky UI's where the title bar and borders of the window takes up 3/4th of the screen.

  4. Hey, nice video. I'm having a challenge after upgrading from 17.10 to 18.04. The package download and installation process was successful (through update center). The laptop was required to reboot, to complete the upgrade, but it never made to the login screen after displaying the Ubuntu boot splash screen. It kept displaying "[ok] started gnome display manager at…link was shut down"
    Please help me.
    I'm running this as a dual boot on my Dell Inspiron 15 7557.

  5. I paid $1.20 (not $120) for Windows 10 Home activation with stable, superior and wide library of apps. Even tho Ubuntu is free, using it is a lot of hassle. You could spend hours writing command lines just to install angrybird tarball. That's right. You don't pay Ubuntu with money, but you "pay" for it by wasting your time.

    When you have to decide whether to pay for an OS that gets your jobs done or getting a free crapware that leads you to nowhere, then the choice is clear

  6. The narrator speaks too fast and sounds like she has a sore throat. The background music does not help her cause either. Please speak clearly and lower the background music (which is unnecessary as this video explains a product and not marketing it).

  7. why is the app launcher button so far away from the other app icons? It should be at top left surely. And why didn't they bother to make an icon for Activities? All seems a bit lazy to me.

  8. I am having Ubuntu put on my desktop next week. Windows 10 has finally broken me and I cannot take any more. There are no polite or respectful words to describe how I feel about windows really. The last time I saw Windows run well was on the back of a Unix network in 1997.

  9. I don't understand why gnome is better than unity. We can search any file, i mean any file from the computer using unity dash, but in gnome we can only search for apps. So please explain why is gnome better than unity?


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